Episode 502: Everything is Under Control. Situation Normal. But we’re all fine here, now. How are you?

June 1, 2018

Star Wars fans were used to delayed gratification. Under George Lucas the pattern was one movie every three years. It took 27 years for the first six films to complete.  Now, though, it's a much different time as Solo--the fourth Star Wars film in under three years--came out. But can there be too much of a good thing? 

The Star Wars Action News crew is back! Join Marjorie, Justin, Chris, Andrew, Jerry, and Arnie for this SPOILER FILLED discussion of Solo and Star Wars movies in general!

Listen to this review, then head to Now Playing Podcast to hear Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart's in-depth analysis of the film!


501st Episode: Marching on Toy Fair

February 16, 2018

Toy Fair international begins TOMORROW! In this episode Marjorie and Arnie discuss the things they hope, and expect, to see at this weekend's show. Listen now, and then follow Star Wars Action News on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for live VIDEO updates from the show!

Also in this episode, Arnie talks to Nathan P Butler, author of A Saga on Home Video about his Star Wars video collection, his book, and what the digital revolution means for physical media. 

With Brock reviewing the novel Cobalt Squadron and more, it's all in this pre-Toy Fair episode of Star Wars Action News!



Episode 500!

February 12, 2018

This weekend is Toy Fair International 2018! Tons of new Star Wars collectibles will be revealed (including, likely, the first look at SOLO toys)!  Star Wars Action News will be there to cover all the releases.

But before Toy Fair, here's a look back at the state of collecting in 2017 and expectations for 2018.
So please enjoy this 500th episode of Star Wars Action News!

Episode 499: The Last Jedi Roundtable

January 3, 2018

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi has earned a billion dollars, is loved by critics, but also seems to divide fans online. Now the Star Wars Action News team comes together to give their reviews--and they're divided as well. Join them to find out where the common ground lies, and their excitement for Solo in this new Star Wars Action News podcast!


Episode 498: Black Friday & Holiday Gift Guide 2017

November 23, 2017
Happy Thanksgiving to all our listeners from the entire Star Wars Action News Team!

It's time for Star Wars Action News'13th annual Black Friday sale report, and holiday gift guide!

Join Arnie & Marjorie as they tell you where the best savings are for Star Wars games, toys, and more.  Then the entire Star Wars Action News Team have gathered their ideas of the best Star Wars collectibles are this season. From books to games, figures big and small, and so much more, listen now to hear it all!




  Hot Toys



  Household Items




Episode 497: 2 Cons 1 Porg

October 3, 2017
This weekend is New York Comic-Con...or it might be called a mini Star Wars Celebration! There are dozens of Star Wars guests including Mark Hamill, Felicy Jones, Ashley Eckstein, plus Star Wars comic creators, artists, and more! On this Star Wars Action News, Marjorie and Arnie run down the Force-filled events at this con! Including an interview with Star Wars author Greg Stones, whose book 99 Stormtroopers Join the Empire is on sale now and he'll be signing at the show!
Plus hear a first-hand report of Hasbro's own HASCON convention! Arnie was there. Hear if this is a con you should plan on going to next year. Plus Arnie is joined by Steve Niven and Joe Ninivaggi from Hasbro for an exclusive interview talking more Star Wars Toys.
With an interview with Justin, owner of FigureShield protective cases, and an early report on Hasbro's Han Solo movie figures, it's all in this new Star Wars Action News podcast! 

Read Arnie, Marjorie, Stuart, and Jakob's reviews of 125 Underrated films in the first Now Playing book!

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Episode 496: Force Friday II

September 5, 2017

This weekend was like Black Friday for Star Wars fans. Force Friday II -- the weekend where Hasbro, Sideshow, Hot Toys, and every other company unleashes their new products for the first time! New figures were found in 6-inch and 3.75-inch...plus some super-articulated figures that weren't supposed to be out yet!

On this episode of Star Wars Action News the team comes together to report on Force Friday not just across the US but across the globe! Hear reports of store finds from California, Illinois, Florida, Nebraska, and even the UK! What were everyone's favorite finds? Join the crew to find out!
Plus on this episode Marjorie and Arnie review some new Hasbro 3.75-inch items, including the new C-3PO, Hux, and First Order Stormtrooper figures, the Rey and Praetorian Guard 2-pack, and the new deluxe Rathtar and Imperial Probe Droid!

All this and more on the new Star Wars Action News podcast!


Episode 495: Summer ‘17 Cons: D23 & SDCC

August 15, 2017

Force Friday is a few short weeks away and (aside from a few leaks) Star Wars fans have little idea what to expect. But some news was had at the two big Star Wars events in July -- D23 and SDCC!

On this new Star Wars Action News podcast Daryl joins Arnie and Marjorie to bring first-hand accounts from both conventions. Find out about the exclusives, the reveals, and more!

Episode 494: Star Wars Turns 40

May 25, 2017
Forty years ago today blockbuster movies jumped to hyperspace. Science fiction was forever changed, as were the lives of millions of moviegoers. Over the four decades since Star Wars' popularity has only grown, as have the collections of fans.  
On this Star Wars Action News Marjorie and Arnie discuss the few 40th Anniversary exclusives released. And then they are joined by Justin, Brock, and Andrew to reminisce on some of their early Star Wars collecting memories.
Also on this week's show, a wrap-up of Celebration Orlando, a review of the new Thrawn novel, and a look at HASCON -- the official Hasbro con coming this September.  All this and more on the new Star Wars Action News podcast!
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Episode 493: Star Wars Celebration 2017 Prep Show

April 4, 2017
Star Wars Celebration is one week away and each day closer brings more announcements. Join Marjorie and Arnie on this podcast to run down the news. Exclusives from mainstays LEGO, Funko, Gentle Giant, Hallmark, ThinkGeek and Hasbro, plus oddballs like Nissan and WonderWorld Comics are discussed.
On this show you can also hear interviews with Celebration Art Show artists Brian Miller and Joe Corroney, discussing their exclusive artworks for the convention. And Frank Diorio is back on the show to talk about this year's Celebration Diorama Project -- the Death Star.  
But what if you're not going to Celebration?  Star Wars Action News is here with reviews of things to watch and buy while at home, including Hasbro's new Jedha Revolt action figure 4-pack, and a rundown of the Rogue One Blu-Ray exclusive releases.
Then you can follow Star Wars Action News on Facebook and Twitter for live updates and broadcasts from the convention!  Whether you're in Orlando or not, Star Wars Action News will bring the Celebration to you!
Online or at home, be sure to catch Star Wars Action News at the following Celebration Events!
Saturday 2pm ET: Meet and Greet/Patch Giveaway (W305)
Sunday: 12:30pm ET: Live Podcast on the Celebration Podcast Stage!
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  Celebration Schedule - Spreadsheet Version

Celebration Orlando Shuttle Schedule

Rogue One out Tuesday Apr 4

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